Change of plans…

My thought with this blog was to make a tutorial which grew during time…  But I started thinking…. “Hey! There’s so many powershell tutorials out there, why should I make another one?”

So… I’ve decied instead to share business problems and how I’ve solved them and also interesting or fun things you can do with Powershell. 🙂

My first tip to them who are interesting in learning Powershell, which most IT-Pros today should be, is to start using powershell.exe instead of the old cmd.exe, most commands work exactly as they have always done.

For those of you who sometimes finds yourself (like me) searching for files from the cmd and uses

dir *.ext /s/p

The Powershell way is

 Get-ChildItem -Recurse -Include *.ext|more

Took too long for me to figure that out 😉