The nice tool called clip

Have you ever found yourself scrolling the powershell window to mark the output from the cmdlet/Script you just ran so that you can paste it into some document? I have and if the output is long, it’s a bit annoying to scroll and mark… Well how about this then Then start notepad and press Ctrl-V … [Read more…]

Getting information from Group Policy Objects

Sometimes I find myself being asked questions of what settings are applied through GPOs, lucky for me I know (more or less) the X types of name standards that the company applies to GPOs 🙂 Earlier I always started GPMC through a citrix Xenapp application which first prompts for your administrative account (small powershell script … [Read more…]

Fun with ISE – Snippets

In Powershell ISE there’s a nice feature… Press Ctrl-J and you will get a list of snippets that you can use So what is a snippet? Well, the easiest way to describe them is that they are templates of different things, like if you choose the one called “Cmdlet (advanced funtion)” You will get this … [Read more…]

2012R2 Core and Powershell Remoting

So you’ve installed your Windows server with 2012R2 Core and the first and only thing you’ll see when logging on are: In my opinion it would have been better if the box would say powershell.exe instead of cmd.exe, but that’s my five cent. Let’s start with running powershell instead by running powershell.exe. A new server … [Read more…]

Remote installation

Problem: Install Monitoring agent on a machine remotely, or if possible on many machines. Started like this Well that works.. But just for the hard coded stuff. Would be nice to have it reusable and as a function… Let’s try this… I’m still not satisfied… Let’s make it more like a Cmdlet… Let’s do this … [Read more…]

Change of plans…

My thought with this blog was to make a tutorial which grew during time…  But I started thinking…. “Hey! There’s so many powershell tutorials out there, why should I make another one?” So… I’ve decied instead to share business problems and how I’ve solved them and also interesting or fun things you can do with … [Read more…]